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DMV Reporting
Many states have mandatory DMV reporting requirements for both Personal and Commercial Lines. Insurance Companies must have reporting capabilities in order to be in compliance with state DMV departments. We responded to this need by building DMV Reporting. We developed two products: one is any Insurance System-to-IVANS interface that leverages IVANS reporting capabilities and the second is the “APACHE/EDI” reporting system that “does-it-all”.

Insurance System-to-IVANS – was developed to report any Insurance System policies using the IVANS Total State Reporting package.

This package currently handles reporting all eighteen EDI states including New York, Arizona and Nevada. The system reports all transactions required by the individual states including Non-Renewals and No Activity reporting. The system is a one-way feed to IVANS. The advantage to this solution is that IVANS is responsible for maintaining and updating the state feeds as states requirements change.

is a package that consists of three fully integrated modules:

    APACHE/EXRACTOR – a program that accumulates data to be transmitted to each state

    APACHE/TRANSLATOR a program that generates 811/997 EDI data stream
    APACHE/REPORTER – a program that updates information, including status codes, in the source insurance system and prepares data for retransmission to individual DMV agencies. 

This system has the same reporting capabilities as the any Insurance System-to-IVANS package, but adds the ability to take information returned by a state to update the source insurance system. The correct information is then resent to the state. The long term cost of this solution is reduced because there are no IVANS charges.