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Agency Interfaces
Several of our clients rely heavily on program business from MGAs. MGAs record policy information in Agency systems, and then Carriers need to record the same in Carrier systems. It is redundant to re-key activity that already exists in agency systems. Using specialized translation software and custom data validation programs, we are able to load program business data into Carrier’s systems and eliminate redundancies. Using these same tools, we have successfully implemented interfaces from rating systems to policy processing systems.

Case Study 1
We implemented an Automated Agency Interface for several MGAs for Commercial Package policies. The system utilized a combination of Data Junction, Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server to format agency data provided on Excel spreadsheets and text files. Data is re-mapped to a Major Insurance Systems format and uploaded to the AS/400. System then, attempts to post policies to a Major Insurance Systems. Special conditions cause some policies to be pended in the Major Insurance Systems. An error report lists all errors encountered.

For one of the MGAs we were able to verify premiums based on exposures and rating factors supplied.

Case Study 2
We assisted with the implementation of an Automated Agency Interface for several agencies. The client had 60+ programs with several MGAs. The products interfaced included General Liability and Commercial Auto. A decision was made not to interface product-specific data. Subsequently, all data was loaded into the Commercial Recording module.

Case Study 3
The client is a specialist in the environmental/pollution products. We needed to record all policy underwriting information without burdening technical assistants with entry of statistical information. Statistical information needed to be reported to the home office and booked in its mainframe systems. We solved this by building translation tables in Access to maintain all statistical fields required behind the scenes. A coding sheet was produced both as a printout and as an electronic attachment that was transmitted on a weekly basis.