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State Reporting
Several Insurance Departments are requiring timelier reporting from carriers. New requirements have been introduced including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) reporting of Automobile policies, and EDI reporting of Worker’s Compensation claims. We assist our clients with being in compliance with state reporting requirements for: DMV, Worker’s Compensation and NCCI. As part of our analysis, we review the quality of data and availability.

Case Study 1
We developed a a Major Insurance System-to-IVANS product that currently handles DMV reporting for all eighteen EDI states including New York, Arizona and Nevada. The system is a one-way feed to IVANS. The advantage to this solution is that IVANS is responsible for maintaining and updating the state feeds as states requirements change.

Case Study 2
We designed and implemented the APACHE/EDI product. This product has the same reporting capabilities as the a Major Insurance System-to-IVANS package, but adds the ability to take information returned by a state to update the source insurance system. The correct information is then resent to the state.